the STRENGTH in beginning

“Every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end”

And it all begins… the concept of TRUE Strength began in the midnight hours on Friday, May 11, 2012.  I had just experienced my first true experience of failure and self disappointment. That whole story soon (CrossFit Regionals)!  Sure, I’ve had days where I wasn’t happy with something or didn’t pass with flying colors… but in my eyes, this was the first true failure.  I had moments of complete anger, wallowing despair, and random sobbing sessions throughout the day and night… these raw emotions would continue all weekend… and so far… into the work week on Monday!

Through these emotions I received several private messages sharing strength and motivation.  One stuck out and will forever stay with me.  It said in success and failure they have always looked to me as a source of motivation and inspiration.  He commented on my attitude during the lack luster performance which remained positive and never showed an inkling of quiting.  That he said… was more moving than all those who seemingly succeeded.  It’s much easier to succeed than it is to fail and to do it gracefully is a success in itself.

Although the failure hurts… and will for a long time… I see that in failure comes TRUE Strength, perspective, life lessons, and humility.

So it all begins now.  TRUE Strength… Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith.

2 responses to “the STRENGTH in beginning

  1. Failure only happens when we fail to learn from a situation. I’ve never failed…..only learned, sometimes a MASSIVE lesson, BUT always learning and growing!! Never give up, you are an inspiration!!

    • Thank you so much for writing! I love your message! You’re right… the failure is in the lack of learning and the excuse process. Massive lessons 🙂 Coming soon will be a message on my fear of failure and how that in itself can be the ultimate limiting factor. Each day I’m learning to fear less and go for it!

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