the STRENGTH in taking it all in

“Perfect happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.” Chuang-Tzu

My beautiful sister is a free spirit and continually reminds me to “stop and smell the roses”… literally.  I still remember to this day one afternoon about 15 years ago we were walking through the Huntington building in Downtown Columbus.  There was a flower shop in the basement of the building and Dana veered off walking away from me.  I though she was just being random and absent minded… to my surprise she bee-lined to the flower shop and knelt down to a beautiful bushel of flowers.  I asked her what in the world she was doing… keep in mind she is 10 years older than me and I probably said this in my most ultimate whinny, bratty little sister voice.  She simply said…

“Taking my time to smell the roses.”


She may not have thought one more second about this event but for me it was a life long lasting lesson. STOP–TAKE YOUR TIME–ENJOY YOUR SURROUNDINGS

I often have to remind myself of this.  I have a tendency to get caught up in the… next, next, next mentality… each day is treated like a checklist.

Sometimes it’s full of check lists of things NOT to do, NOT to eat, NOT to think about yet.  Often it’s full of to-do tasks that I’m convinced someone will be upset if they don’t get completed.  Really… it’s just me and I’m working on not only removing items from the list but being more forgiving on myself when the list changes.

How do you fill your day?  Are you going from one task to the next, right into the next?  Every have one of those moments where you want to get off the carousel and wonder when you even got tickets for the ride?  I certainly do and each day working to find the TRUE Strength in getting off and smell the roses. 

2 responses to “the STRENGTH in taking it all in

  1. In the moments that we take ,we build memories. I had no idea that you would remember that, I do remember that clearly. It was certainly random, yet I do not believe that there is any truly random act. We are a product of the choices that we make just as much as those we run into “randomly.” There is always another page to turn, path to forge, and reminders to guide us. No more random than you and I being sisters.
    There are always lessons and tests, if they were actual emergencies, the noise would ring louder. True Strength is much like the roses themselves. Planting them alone is not sufficient, there is care involved. When they wilt, water must be provided. One does not become strong just going through the motions. True Strength is cultivated.

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