the STRENGTH in being a stepmom

“It is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us parent and child.”

The theater seats were filled to capacity, I had rushed from the office to get there in time to watch the sixth grade class come onto the stage for their Spring Choir Concert.  Out walks my handsome stepson and my husband and I both sit up straighter and point him out to each other… There he is!!  He looks so tall!

We wonder how he will ever spot us in the packed theater house; other parents are standing up and wildly waving their arms, some call out.  My husband waves his arms … did he see us?  Fellow students are filling the space around him and it’s getting harder and harder to even see him! Finally sitting up even taller I start making goofy, extra cheesy faces…

YES! Cheesy face right back at us… he locked in on us, and grins ear to ear. 

This will be a moment I treasure for all my life. The value in the connection we all share is inexpressible… and one I questioned would even be possible at one point.  Being a step-parent is not easy, until you are in that position it’s hard to really grasp the role, but it is one I would never trade for an easier path.

I’m proud to call him my son… I don’t use the “step” part because … why do I need to?  He’s my son. He lives with us, we have ups and downs, good days, and rough ones, homework help time, play time, and happy and sad times.

I hope all of the other step-parents out there have moments as simple as these to affirm their connections, trust in yourself and partners, and let the relationship happen naturally.

A child cannot have too many people who love them. 

TRUE Strength includes falling in love with a child who may not be yours by blood, but by heart.


9 responses to “the STRENGTH in being a stepmom

  1. I couldn’t Agree with you more! I dislike the word “step” but there is NEVER to much LOVE to go around!! As always, You set the example of wonderful mother, and trusting friend, daughter, and wife. We’re so blessed to hVE YOU IN OUR FAMILY.

    • Thank you Hannah! I am so lucky and blessed to be a part of your family! Isn’t it amazing how we all came to be family? Sometime the road is windy but the end place is just right; I can’t imagine life any other way! Love you!

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