the STRENGTH in taking the long walk

“There is a path to every place and a place for every path” 

Every morning I have a special gift before arriving at my office.  The gift may sound odd but it is a beautiful 10-15 minute walk to my office through downtown Columbus.

ODD right? Yep I know!

My days are filled working for the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County (CASA).  Our offices are in the Franklin County Courthouse and we’ve been given complimentary parking in a lot about a mile or so away. If one so chooses they can pay to park in the attached garages but why waste your money… and this great gift??

I call this walk a gift because it’s always an adventure! I treasure the time between the car and the office as my own walk in la la land.  I can walk as slowly or as quickly as I’d like. I can stroll in the sunshine or dodge raindrops under the sporadic awnings. I can think about work, my workouts, my night before, the day to come… or nothing at all. I can also find surprises along the way.

Did you know there is a model of the Eiffel Tower in the Brewery District? Yep – true statement… it’s about two and a half stories high… not quite the same as being in Paris… but think about the fun you could have in Columbus visiting Paris, then Germany at Schmidt’s … I’m sure we could create a whole worldly tour!

All of this rambling really does have a point! It could be so much easier to park closer, not have to worry about being rained on or the cold/hot weather in the winter and summer. But where’s the fun in easy?


I know it can feel comforting to take the shortest path, to take the easiest route, the trail everyone else has taken.  But I challenge you to find the one less traveled… the one you can create your OWN footprints. Go off the beaten path and surprise yourself with what you find. Walk with your head up and eyes open… take in your surroundings!

The quote above came from a project I did in junior high or high school. We had to take a photograph and include a caption. My picture was of water flowing in the creek behind our house. There was something very symbolic about the ever flowing water and how I could throw things in the creek to obstruct the flow, yet the water still flows.  It struck me then that there is indeed…

“There is a path to every place and a place for every path” 


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