the STRENGTH in muscles

“That’s a lot of weight to throw around for a girl”

… FOR A GIRL??!!! 

This is a real quote from a very well intending guy at my office gym as I was bench pressing… my warm-up weight. I smiled, thanked him, then added weight. After my fourth set of bench press and strict pull ups he followed with… “if you need me to spot you, let me know… and I’ve never seen a girl do pull-ups unassisted.”

I had to laugh when I answered… REALLY?? NEVER??

Since this exchange we’ve seen each other multiple times and I always enjoy when I pick up a dumbbell or weight that makes him do a double take. His response was honest and unfiltered… and to be honest and unfiltered… I should have probably been offended but I wasn’t really, I was kinda proud.

Proud because I am strong and I like challenging the idea people have about women and strength… in no way am I a super strength – super woman and strength and heavy weights are my biggest weaknesses.  BUT when I think about the not so distant past I like the change in myself and in my muscles. 

Only two and a half short years ago I was anything but strong. I was a weakling, running mile after mile, beating myself up and down. When I first started CrossFitting I was underweight, sick, and more focused on fitting into a size 0 pair of jeans than anything else.

The first few months of CrossFit was unlike anything I have ever experienced… I was terrible (and I DO NOT LIKE NOT BEING GOOD AT SOMETHING!!)! I struggled to even move the 45# bar. BUT my work ethic was excited by the challenge and a spark to turn myself around was ignited.

Here is a video of me after five months of CrossFitting: CrossFit New Albany 2010 Winter Challenge … still struggling with a 45# bar… and yes to all my CF friends… this is not full range of motion and bad technique 🙂

The road to where we are today has been long, challenging, and exciting…

AND it’s no where near to finished.

Today I start a strength cycle with my strength coach, Andy Katzenmoyer… OSU and NFL Football great. I started working with Andy to compliment my CrossFit training and it’s been an amazing experience. With him we are able to focus on imbalances and weaknesses which enhance CF training and expose areas of opportunity for improvements. Working with Andy has also allowed me to expand the coaching and expertise I receive. This has proven invaluable as I have become more serious about treating CrossFit as a sport, not just a workout. I fully believe it has been very important to my development as an athlete… and in maintaining sanity to have multiple outlets for development and coaching. At least for me, it has helped to have different environments to train and get after it. As I work with each coach and learn so many different things from each of them I’m learning more than I ever thought possible, reaching goals I didn’t even know could exist and am turning into a healthy, strong, powerful woman.

The change in myself… physically and mentally BCF and ACF (Before CrossFit and After CrossFit) is unbelievable. I love my curves… I finally have a butt!!  woo hoo! I am mentally and physically stronger and fully believe Strong is Sexy!  And I’m proud that I can shock a guy with how much I can lift… just watch out! I’m not stopping here!

I am still finding my TRUE Strength… may you too!

6 responses to “the STRENGTH in muscles

  1. I can’t say I am in great shape, but I am handy. I was at the hardware store last week asking the guy how to fix my front door. He said, “What you are gonna need to do is get your husband to…” My husband can’t fix anything, for the record. Just because they don’t expect it, doesn’t mean we can’t do it! Congratulations on your transformation. Your hard work is obviously paying off.

    • Hi Heather, Thanks for visiting and writing! I love your comment – You are so inspiring! You remind me of my mom… she doesn’t have any background in fixing things around the house but that never stopped her! She one time fixed the family dryer just by tinkering and figuring it all out herself. It’s fun to take pride in doing it yourself… and surprising people (and yourself!) Keep after it!

  2. Hello, I just had a baby almost 5 months ago, and this is my 12th week doing CrossFit/ Paleo. The difference I see in my health and in my appearance are awesome. I do however, get frustrated because I want to lift more weight but I’m not quite there yet. It almost seems like I’m not pushing myself enough but when I look back at my first day I struggled with the 15# bar. So, obviously there has been a major improvement in the amount I can lift. I just get annoyed when I can’t RX. How long before you were able to RX a WOD? How long before it took you to get pull ups. I feel I should have them already but don’t! Love your blog. I too want to lift heavy and raise eyebrows. =)

    • Hi Veronica!! Thank you so much for writing! 1. Congrats on the baby!!! 2. Give yourself a huge pat on the back! You should be so proud of yourself, your progress and the example you’re setting for your child!

      To be honest… sometimes there comes a wod I still can’t do RX! Give me super heavy OLifts, or Handstand Walks and I’m down for the count! That’s the best part about CF – you never get to a point where you’re perfect at it!

      Pullups… use your hips! That was the best advice from my coaches – and probably took me six or seven months. Give it time! It’ll click and more and more will come your way!

      Enjoy your progress and be proud of how far you’ve come … and how far you’ll go!!

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