the STRENGTH in many forms

“Your day, your choice, your life.”

The “antsy” level in the air is palatable… kids are beyond antsy for school to end, parents are edging on antsy at the thought of school ending, the high temperatures have put some people on antsy notice (I’m just the opposite and am loving every hot second!), and as we approach the long holiday weekend offices are antsy to leave early – hit the road-begin family or drinking time. Even the drive into work this week was extra antsy with added traffic accidents and aggressive drivers.

Perhaps this perfect storm of sorts is why this week has been a tad bit (… ie VERY) stressful at work. I believe I’ve heard a collective sigh of relief this morning as people have been filling their coffee cups… everyone has felt the stress.

Upon reflection on the week I realized, not only has it been stressful and filled with that uneasy antsy feel… it’s also been a lesson that TRUE Strength comes in many, many forms. This week for multiple reasons I was an oobserver, a participant, a leader, and a listening ear to stressful and uncomfortable situations.

I’ve learned… witness…felt…experienced…and breathed in that…

there is …

TRUE Strength in patience

TRUE Strength in solidarity

TRUE Strength in professionalism

TRUE Strength in anger

TRUE Strength in controlling your anger

TRUE Strength in friendship

TRUE Strength in being brave enough to start something new and perhaps scary

TRUE Strength in facing down disease with a smile

TRUE Strength in venting

TRUE Strength in laughing

TRUE Strength in forgiving

The list could go on and on… I hope you find your TRUE Strength in many forms and continue to keep your eyes open to finding it in unexpected places!

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