the STRENGTH in insecurities

“Don’t doubt your power or you give power to your doubt.”

I cannot explain why, I can’t provide reason, facts nor a solid argument for the week and half long journey of insecurity I’ve been traveling… but it is real… and valid.

The few people I’ve share it with (and now… the many) have shown great amounts of support and expressed confusion in the root of the feeling… and like I said… I cannot explain it.  AND in no way is the point of sharing these insecurities an attempt of getting more “awe feel better!” well wishes.

Instead, I’m hoping to provide a reminder that it’s OK to feel insecure sometimes, it’s ok to not be on the top of your game… or to feel like you’re not. Your feelings are “right” no matter what they are… you have the right to feel however you want. Sometimes I get bent out of shape feeling as if I shouldn’t feel a certain way when I have to check myself and give some allowance to feel however I feel.

Your feelings are your feelings… own up to them… they are real, even if logically you can explain them away. Just remember emotions and feelings are like the waves… they come and go, go up and down…

just don’t wallow in them… ride the wave and try to not get too much sand in your face as you go.  

My ever source of insight, my mom, shared a movie quote/message with me last night… “Everything ends up being good… if it’s not good… it’s not the end.”

Ride On…

TRUE Strength 

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