the STRENGTH in starting

“The start is what stops most people.” – Don Shula, Former NFL Coach

“Halfway through, 10 seconds left… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 done!”

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to start training two co-workers and it’s been an experience I am so proud of, honored to do, and excited about!  I am not a personal trainer… however… am learning more and more and studying how our bodies work, function and react.  I’ve also been able to utilize personal experience and insight from the coaches I respect to create ideas for our workouts.

These two women are so inspirational to me because they STARTED.  There were no serious health issues, nothing that made them do it… no… simply, it was time to start. And we did. The time together in the small office gym is a treasured time as we laugh, learn, sweat, and try together.

Although I’m pretty sure as we’re in the middle of the wods (CF talk = Workout of the Day) they want to punch me in the face… they’ve never given up… 

Starting anything new is hard… heck starting something old is hard! BUT it always feels good after you’re done.  Many people talk about how bad habits can snow ball … but so can good habits. KEEP in mind… I have a tendency to go over-board in the name of “but it’s healthy” <— which is unhealthy… but I do feel strongly that each positive step can help you get to the next positive step.  Try to not sell yourself short!  I used to work for a running company and would hear people say… well I’m JUST walking the half marathon.  Umm… whether you are setting a world record half marathon time, or walking it… it’s still the same distance. YOU DID IT!  Maybe you didn’t do a CF Wod RX’ed… but you didn’t quit and you gave it your all.  THAT’S the key! You STARTED!

I heard a study several years ago that was conducted by Fila about the differences in running habits of men and women.  The study found that women are more likely to quit during their run in the first 10 minutes, but once past that 10 minute haul they are more likely to go farther and longer than they intended.  Men on the other hand easily get through that first 10 mins, but after start mentally breaking down faster and feel the run is more daunting the farther they go. Very interesting bit of information!  Interpret that as you will… the key is… START… DO IT…


Remember… TRUE Strength: Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith


5 responses to “the STRENGTH in starting

    • So true! I always remind the other CF’ers and friends that even if they are dead last in the workout/run/race… anything! They are WAY ahead of the people who didn’t even start! Keep after it!

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