ooo CrossFit how you kick my butt!

“Life only demands from you the strength you possess.  Only one feat is possible… not to have run away” – Dagg Hammarskjold

It’s been nearly a month since the CrossFit East Central Regionals and the life lesson that will always remain as a milestone along my life journey.  That may sound dramatic … and it is… but it’s also true.

In my mind I guess I figured I’d come off of competing and be at the top of my game… OH HOW WRONG AM I!!!

Logically I know this makes sense.  Several contributing factors are at play.

  • At the time of competition everything in my life focused on training and competing, not only is it unreasonable for me to imagine I could sustain this indefinitely, it’s also selfish of me to place training above family, friends, and work… without any goal or direction in mind.
  • I was also pretty beat up from the training and needed to back off a bit to recover and nurse some nagging injuries… they are still nagging… and nagging… so I need to pay better attention to healing
  • Once Regional WODs were announced training focused so hardcore around those particular movements… especially the 70# DB Snatch… very strength focused with less than 3 weeks after the WODs were announced it was a shotgun approach in many ways
  • My endurance, which had been my strongest assets, suffered from the itemized training as Regionals approached
  • AND… I was just flat out worn down

SO… it’s time… it’s time to get a plan and get back at it… Why is this time different than any others?

NOW I expect a lot more from myself and I know I’m capable of a lot more.  Now, almost a month later, I’m getting my ass handed to me day in and out.  And I don’t like it very much.  BUT It’s a good thing. (remind me of that when I come home all pissed off from a bad workout!)

This time it’s different

This time the plan is a little different… my plan includes long term goals and a long term plan.  This plan involves creating a solid foundation of strength, hammer on technique and skill, build back in endurance and met-cons which are my comfort zones.

So right now I am learning to become comfortable in an incredibly uncomfortable zone.  Right now… I’m working on strength which is a weakness… and my endurance is turning into a weakness… and I’m getting beat… a lot.. often! Yikes right?

This time it’s different

This time it’s different because instead of a quick – inch deep mile wide plan of attack I have the time, goal, direction, and road-map to execute a plan of attack that takes each a mile high (I changed deep to high because I see it as a huge advantage, addition, and success rather than the image of a mile deep of empty space!)

Patience is not my best attribute and as I’ve said… I DO NOT like being beat… but it’s ok to be beat now… because all that matters is the end goal and the plan.  My plan takes the time needed to fully develop and improve in a way that sets me and those around me up for true success… I am building the foundation now, not only to show up… but to take my competition to the next level.  Patience, patience…and humility…

Truth be told in the last week, I’ve had two dreams about CrossFit… both I was being beat at a WOD… I have a feeling this will happen more than I will like over the course of this whole journey… I may not like it, but I can tell you, I will learn from every single WOD, I will NOT give up, and in the end… I will be better because of it.

This time it’s different

This time it’s different because I understand and respect the process, I understand and respect the need to have a solid foundation and build upon that, I understand and respect the need to spend a LONG time in the uncomfortable zone.

TRUE Strength


5 responses to “ooo CrossFit how you kick my butt!

  1. Now you know what your a capable of after last month. I want to have that feeling. I love the competition atmosphere. The desire to win, to be the best. In the end if you lost. You know you tired your hardest! I want to be on that level! Sometimes winning isn’t everything. It’s the satisfaction of finishing the event or see proud fans, family, and friends proud of your accomplishment in such little time.

    • You should be proud of yourself Krystal! I feel as though I have unfinished business… and that only fuels the fire more! I’m excited to watch you develop and grow – you’re already a fire breather and have the heart of a champion!!

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