If there is a problem and a solution…


Although this seems to be an intuitive thought process…

“If there is a problem and a solution, solve the problem”

all too often, many people stop short of the second part of the sentence… SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Is it simply that much easier to just throw your hands up and wait for someone else to solve it for you?

Growing up, this was the mantra around our house… we were taught to try to solve the issue… try, try, and try before getting someone else to fix it.  This mentality gave us a sense of independence, self sufficiency and ownership of our accomplishments.

In my line of work, especially during large fundraising events – I can’t wait on someone else to fix a problem, furthermore, I cannot afford to WAIT for a problem to arise.

I strongly believe a vital key to professional and personal success is being perceptive of potential issues, facing them full on, embracing the solution and taking action.  That last part seems to really trip people up.  I’ve watched people see a problem… maybe even before it really erupts, they aren’t afraid or shy away from the issue, but once they have the solution in their capable hands they fall short of taking action.  Often the deed of carrying out the solution is passed on to someone else and even worse the original person complains… complaining about the problem itself or the time it is taking to fix it.

How much time do we waste waiting for someone else to fix our problem?  I completely understand, there are times when we must ask for help and certainly teamwork is so important to problem solving. 

In my eyes there is a HUGE difference between asking for someone’s help if you do not have the solution or are unable to carry that solution out effectively and efficiently and practicing learned helplessness. 

It’s a state of laziness I am not patient with or tolerable of.

Perhaps this could be the reason why when the furnace in our house two years ago I was adamant to pull apart the beast of a machine and try switching out the fuzes, moving this and that… it worked … for another few hours, then died.  After several more attempts to become the furnace whisperer it was time to call the experts.  But you better bet I watched the furnace guy and learned so I can solve the problem next time!

My wish for you is that you have the opportunity to “solve the problem.”  It’s an invigorating and powerful feeling.  TRUST me… you have solutions… trust that you can do it and take action!

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