Pick the bar UP

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This morning’s CrossFit WOD, crafted by CrossFit New Albany, pushed us to our mental limits.  These are my absolute FAVORITE types of wods.  I LOVE long, body weight – metcons and/or long amraps.

This was a 20 minute triplet of:  1000m row, 100 push press (#33), 100 burpees

** For those new to CrossFit speak… AMRAP means: As Many Rounds As Possible… so if you finish the row, push press, and burpees… start again!

Several reasons why these long ones are my fav…

1. My strength is (or used to be) underlined by endurance… the longer the wod the better… insert dirty joke NOW.  Really though, I’m able to go to a place where you just don’t let yourself stop… keep going… I know I’m not the fastest or most explosive person… but I do NOT give up.

2. I continue to be shy about heavy weights and OLift <— WORKING on these two like crazy but it’s nice to have a day of hard work near to my wheelhouse.  Rowing will still kick my booty (endurance wods here I come!), the push press was feather weight for me, and as odd as it sounds… I LIKE burpees… really I do.

So today’s wod left us all spent, flat out laying on the floor in buckets full of sweat… it certainly was “SICK” as our trainer and coach so aptly named it.  Beyond the physical challenge it also presented a MENTAL challenge.  There was no aspect of this wod that I couldn’t physically do, nothing that was so heavy I needed to go slow, no limiting factors… BESIDES my MIND.  50 push presses in I lowered the bar to the hang and paused… my first break on the way to 100… back at it… this time my mind told me I was tired and needed to stop only 15 in.  WHAT??  I just did 50 unbroken… Pushing myself to reach 25 was a challenge, but once I hit 25 I told myself… 5 more.  On to the burpees… fall down… get back up… fall down… get back up… Just as in life… you fall down and you get back up. Once again my mind told me I was tired and should take a break.

Oh how quickly our minds can turn on us!

With each next rep, I was telling my mind… I CAN do this.  Did I end up taking a few rest breaks?  Yes – but I also forced myself to get back on the bar, or drop to the floor, or row stronger faster, sooner, harder.  Ready for the Life Lesson part??

In every aspect of our lives, our mind is one of the first things to desert you.  Your mind will tell you you can’t do something out of fear, bad past experiences, influences from other people, or a variety of other reasons.  Sometimes… our minds give us a gut sense or a warning about something or someone.  This is different.

This is when our minds defeat us before we even give ourselves a chance.  Why would you let your co-worker tell you you’re not good enough to finish a project or take on a new role at work??  YOU WOULDN’T… so why do you let your mind tell yourself that???

To me TRUE Strength encompasses strength of body, mind, heart, spirit and faith.  Often our bodies get tired and hurt and then our minds go… our minds can defeat us if we let them… then all we have is heart, spirit and faith (these last three are so important!).  I will absolutely admit I am a mental basket case! I over think, I worry and stress… BUT with each new day comes new chances to strengthen not only our bodies but also our mind, heart, spirit, and faith.  With each and every CrossFit, strength, endurance… any type of wod I’m striving to strength ALL of these aspects.

I’m so very thankful for the push and constant lesson in TRUE Strength.  

100# Squat Snatch PR… prob not the best form… but mind over matter!

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