the STRENGTH in a smile

“It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. We should all smile more often.” – Steve Maraboli

How much does it cost you to smile?  How much effort does it take?

Nothing and none… 

In-fact, I believe whole heartily that it takes MORE effort to be nasty or cold to someone.  Come on… you have to work at being down right cold and rude … right?

I found myself thinking about this as I walked through security this morning at my office.  Every single morning… no matter what stress the day has planned for me I walk through the security area and am greeted by two security guards who I look forward to saying hi to.  They are faced with thousands of people each day… most of whom (as I’ve observed) walk through almost as if these two guards are invisible.

Smiles can be infectious… and the lack of one is certainly virus like! Have you ever been around someone who just has a natural unhappy look… or even just a stale “bored” look.  They may be completely fine and happy but their “at rest” face looks as if they are just plain old pissed off.  Being around people like this makes me so uncomfortable!  I just want to scream… you look miserable… snap out of it!

Just the other day I walked into a coffee shop and the person behind the counter said… “You’re always so happy when you come in here.”  I was shocked because… I’m getting coffee… what do I have to be upset about?  I asked if they get a lot of grumpy people and he told me I’d be shocked at how they are treated.  WOW!  Think about those commercials where one good deed encourages another person to do a good deed and it keeps spreading… I think it’s an insurance company or a bank.  This is so true… spread a smile and it will continue going.  

Have fun with life… be cheesy, be silly, and SMILE!

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