the STRENGTH in Virtuosity

Doing the common, uncommonly well

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend leaving Friday evening to drive to Charlotte, North Carolina, spending two days learning and working our butts off in 100 degree weather… well ok, ok… it was only 96 inside the box, and then turning around and driving back to Cbus arriving around 2am Monday morning … and back to the office bright eyes and somewhat bushy-tailed Monday!

With all of the craziness and sleepiness I feel now, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!  (More to come later on the overall experience!)

VIRTUOSITY: (the CrossFit definition) Doing the common, uncommonly well


I keep finding myself returning to this word… what power it encapsulates and how it weaves into and throughout every aspect of life.  We don’t have to be a superhero, super star, genius, or powerful titan… “simply” do the common, uncommonly well.

The word simply is inside quotations on purpose because it’s false advertising to say this is SIMPLE to do.  In fact… I will, now for the rest of my life, strive to reach this level.  As we learned the concept and paired it with the foundation and concepts of CrossFit: Constantly Varied Functional Movement executed at High Intensity my first wave of perception related to the term virtuosity revolved around exercise, wellness, and fitness… quickly, the circle expanded and began including aspects of work/professional development, personal, family and friends.  How easy it is to do the common… or even the uncommon… averagely.   WHY be average?? AT ANYTHING??  

I owe it to my family, friends, and loved ones to be an uncommonly good wife, mom, friend, daughter, confidant.  I owe it to my co-workers to be an uncommonly good dedicated Development and Outreach Director, leader, mentee and mentor.  I owe it to my CrossFit family (in and outside of the box walls) to be an uncommonly good teammate, coach, client, supporter, cheerleader, pusher, and athlete.

I owe it to myself to be uncommonly good to myself…

to treat my body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith uncommonly well.  

To have TRUE Strength

LIVE uncommonly well, WORK uncommonly well, LOVE uncommonly well, LIVE WITH VIRTUOSITY

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