Lifeguard… fired for saving a life

As I prepared to write today’s TRUE Strength blog post… a very serious and absolutely engaging story that would have had you on the edge of your seats (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I was grabbed by a story I had playing in the background.

As I often do, I had the Today Show playing the background.  A story aired today (Thursday, July 5th) of the young man in Hallandale Beach, Florida who WAS a lifeguard who was recently fired… for saving a swimmer’s life.

The Cliff’s Notes of the story… this lifeguard was manning his post when a guest on the beach ran up to him shouting someone was drowning.  The swimmer in trouble was a few hundred yards away from the guard’s post in the “swim at your own risk” part of the beach.  The lifeguard radioed that he was leaving his zone to rescue a swimmer.   He rescued the swimmer in trouble, saving this man’s life.

Upon his return to his post he indicated he knew he was in trouble and was quickly fired from his job for not following the rules.

I want to take a step back and think about this for a second… yes… he left his post… he radioed however, letting his fellow guards aware so they could watch over his area.  He saved a man’s life… he is a life guard… the higher ups who fired him wanted him to simply call 911 and what? Shrug at the family of the drowning man and say… well… it IS swim at your OWN risk.


To me, this comes down Be a Good Person”<— this is also what I believe faith and religion boils down to (but more on that later!)  I passionately feel we all have a responsibility to each other… to look after one another, to protect one another, to support, uplift, and value one another.  When you live a life striving to be a good person, may you also strive to make the world around you a better place… tikkun olam

Tikkun olam (תיקון עולם is a Hebrew phrase meaning “repairing the world” which suggests humanity’s shared responsibility (with the Creator) to “heal, repair and transform the world.”)

I suppose I’m still in shock from the removal of responsibility to each other this story made me feel.  We are in a time of political change, economic and environmental stress, international strife and in need of joining together to build all of our TRUE Strengths. I’ll be back to the normal TRUE Strength story lines next time… for today… I hope you raise awareness and think about how we’re all interconnected and join me in taking responsibility for those around us – making us all stronger, happier, healthier, and improving our futures.

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