the STRENGTH in the magnetism

“The space between two repelling magnets is where all the growth happens” – Tobie Sanders … aka mom

I am admittedly a control freak… that secret was let out of the bag already! (Read more about my attempt to let go here) So, when I cannot foresee nor control the upcoming events in my future I feel unsettled.  When I cannot explain out loud how my vision is shaping up it makes me uncomfortable.  I feel anxious and uneasy.

This is the space where growth takes place… said the oh so wise one… my mom.  

She created a visual to explain the feeling I expressed.  Imagine two magnets repelling from each other… that tension… the suspension in space… all the force between them.  In THAT space… that’s where all the action takes place.  This is such a power image.  Always the teacher, my mom knew creating such an illustration would drive home her message  allow me to call upon the imagery time and time again as this feeling of anxiety or uncontrol-ability (<— YES I made that word up!) surfaces.

This unsettled state is rooted in positive opportunities and new adventures on the horizon.  Every ounce of nervousness and tension is a result of very exciting possibilities.  It also means a lot of decisions to be made, hard work to be done, and leaps of TRUE Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit and faith to be taken.

It goes against my natural state to not feel nervous in this magnetic state… however I know if you’re not in this space and just riding things out status quo, easy peasy comfortable… what growth is going on? What is challenging you?

I embrace and welcome the tension, the growth, the challenges… I would not be who I am today without these and I know in this space my future looks bright, exciting, and full of life.

Let’s create magnetism!!

Magnets 101… The technical explanation:

Origin of magnetism

The spin of an electron, combined with its electric charge, results in a magnetic dipole moment and creates a small magnetic field. Although an electron can be visualized classically as a spinning ball of charge, spin is actually a quantum mechanical property with differences from the classical picture, such as the fact that it is quantized into discrete up/down states. The spin of the electrons in atoms is the main source of ferromagnetism, although there is also a contribution from the orbital angular momentum of the electron about the nucleus, whose classical analogue is a current loop. When these tiny magnetic dipoles are aligned in the same direction, their individual magnetic fields add together to create a measurable macroscopic field.

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