the Strength at 4:29a.m.

It’s 4:21a.m. and I’m wide awake staring at the alarm clock… 8 minutes until I need to be up, 8 minutes until my alarm will sound it’s peaceful sounds of ocean waves designed to gently wake me up.

Instead of sleeping, I’ve been waking every hour making sure I do NOT oversleep.  I have a date you see… with the 5:00am CrossFit New Albany crew.  For the last month I’ve been given the honor of coaching this great group of hardworking, dedicated, fun, invigorating, and motivating (any more adjectives??) people.

Although I’m a morning person and a natural early riser, I still get the excited/nervous gitters the night before a coaching morning that often keep me awake throughout the night.

I officially became a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer a few weeks ago and thanks to the great coaches I had throughout my training course, I feel confident in my ability to share these skills and lifelong lessons taught within CrossFit.  I DO know, however… CERTIFIED DOES NOT MEAN QUALIFIED.  Much like in other areas of life… a certificate, a passing grade, or a stamp of approval does not equate to qualified. 

Life, experience, passion… these are the training tools taking you from certified to qualified.  

Out the door by 4:40a.m. (yep… I lay out my gym cloths in the order they have to go on so I don’t have to even turn on a light). To CFNA by 4:42a.m. lights on, garage door up, music on… loud! I’m ready.  Some mornings I get to write the day’s warm up… on these days I KNOW my 5am crew does NOT like me very much.  I make sure they are VERY warm 🙂

One of the aspects of CrossFit I love so much is the fact that ANYONE can CrossFit.  Your intensity is all relative and kept in perspective. Each person supports that fact and supports each other.  This morning, I’m proud to say we had CrossFitters of all levels… every single person had something to learn and something to teach.

By 5am everyone was ready for the warmup.  Some still wiping the sleep from their eyes, but bless their hearts, ready to give it their all.  Together, we talked form, mechanics, intensity.  We worked with dumbbells, box jumps, BURPEES, lunging, hang cleaning, deadlifting, pushup (ing?).  Every person gave it their all… they were responsive with my coaching and took in change ques.

We ended our time together sweaty, tired, and rapping to MC Hammer… without a doubt… a great morning… all before sunrise.

At 4:29a.m. I awake and am taught how coaching and leading this great group of hard workers aligns to the way we lead and conduct our lives at work in an office and at home with family and friends.  Again…


a certificate, a passing grade, or a stamp of approval does not equate to qualified. 

Life, experience, and passion… these take you from certified to qualified.

TRUE Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit and soul…

these are taking me from certified in life to qualified in life.

My 5am crew… I call them invigorating and motivating in a selfish way… they strengthen and motivate me!  I know I’m supposed to be their coach at that moment, but their dedication and hard-work makes me energized, excited, and more and more passionate.  More dedicated to striving to find and sustain my TRUE Strength.

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