No, I do NO want cream in my coffee…

Let me WARN you… this post is simply a rant and vent… if you’re not in the mood for a little giggle please forgive me for a second and find some great inspiration, motivation, heart tugs in my previous posts.

IF you don’t mind though…

NO!  I do NOT want cream in my coffee… for real… yep, nothing… nope, no sugar either…

I love summer time for many, many reasons and I’m not ashamed to admit one of them include my love obsession with iced coffee.  I like it strong, cold and just black… no cream and no sugar.

Over the last few weeks I’ve encountered SEVERAL baristas  (and several different coffee shops and companies) who question my coffee choice… even giving me, not only quizzical looks, but also looks of disappointment!  Almost as if they are shaking their head in complete disgust and dismay… wanting to tell me I need help for my issues.  WHAT??  I’m sorry… I didn’t ask you to crush up some cocaine and sprinkle it in… I just want coffee and ice.  That’s it.  Boring?  Yes… but why is it so upsetting to you??  <— the person/company I’m paying to provide the coffee!

This annoys me on several different levels… in no particular order…

  • I am allergic to dairy… should I pull you aside and explain what happens to me when I eat/drink dairy?  YUCK… I do NOT think anyone wants that! Please… if I ask for no cream… just believe me… NO cream
  • Maybe you’ve heard of a little obesity issue we have in the United States… and all over… why do is it ASSUMED I want extra cream and sugar in my drink??  Why not assume I want it plain and then require the ask to be in to include something additional??
  • I’m saving your company money by not adding cream and sugar… why are you giving me a hard time???

OK… so… please take notice I am NOT judging anyone who likes cream and/or sugar in their coffee… not at all… I’m just asking that I am not scolded for asking for it without.  The mere concept that I have to ask for my drink to NOT come with all of that blows my mind!

I’ll leave my soap box with a re-enactment of a real conversation between myself and a coffee shop barista…

Barista: HI! Welcome!

(Sweet! She seems nice and friendly, this will go well!)

ME: Hi, can I please have a medium, iced coffee, just black, no cream and no sugar.

Barista: Sure!  Medium, iced coffee, do you want room for cream?

ME: No thank you…

Barista: You sure??  You don’t want me to add any cream?  I can do it here for you.

ME: Oh, no thank you – I just like it black – no cream and no sugar.

Barista: REALLY? WOW! How about some sugar free flavoring or liquid sugar?

ME: Just coffee and ice… Thanks

Barista: Yuck… ok here you go

YUCK??  Really??

Probably, ultimate answer is for me to make coffee at home, put it on ice and stop my complaining.  

Thank you for allowing me to vent… Cheers!!  (without cream and sugar for me please!) 

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