Perspective Perspective Perspective

Today has gotten off to a bit of a rough start… 

However… it could be worse… and I’m confident the day will only go up from here.

How do you keep perspective while in the middle of a rough day/week/month… year??

When I was a young girl, I know I was that annoying silver lining child… probably more because I was a smart ass… but the streak continues and is ultimately a positive trait.  My father used to comp[lain about a rough day or traffic or whatever and I’d say… well did you fall and split your pants?  Did your car break down?? on and on until I finally got the… Megan, you better stop talking look.

I may be a smart ass… but I sure do know when to keep my mouth shut!

SO this morning I had to play my own Perspective Perspective Perspective game.  Wanna play with me??OK… so… had to have five vials of blood drawn for blood work first thing this morning… I’m not sure there are many other things I dislike more than having blood drawn.  My blood is slow (sounds funny) so it takes forever, I always feel super sick afterwards… light headed and nauseous, and I bruise like none-other.


The nurse only had to stick me once… I DIDN’T get sick, and I didn’t have to wait for the appointment… zipped in and out easily.  

NEXT right after the blood drawn I got into a minor fender bender.  How it happened… We were on a busy road, stopped at a light.  I was looking to my left and my foot slipped off the brake and I rolled into the SUV in-front of me.  CRAP!


NO ONE was injured… the only damage was to his bumper which now has an imprint/scratch from the edges of my licence plate and bolts… he was kinda a jerk (and so helpfully reminded me that “Mercedes are very expensive”) which now gives me a giggle… and thanks to CrossFit my reaction was so quick and cat like that I slammed on my brakes before any real damage was done.  (smart ass in me coming out??)

THEN I stopped at a coffee shop (don’t worry… no new rant about iced coffee!) and proceeded to spill hot coffee all over the counter and onto my pants.


I have dark pants on so you cannot see the stain and everyone, at least acted, as if they didn’t see me do it!

I’m now finding fun in the day thinking of all the PPP game events… like… I walked to work and although it’s warm and muggy out… I didn’t get rained on and no cars splashed me while driving through puddles! 


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