the Strength in leadership

“Stepping forward is stepping back…”

I heard this statement at a Board meeting a few weeks ago and it really struck me.  From a very young age I would tell people (you know, as I was “campaigning” for student council president and whatnot) that true leadership was knowing when to take the reins and when to give them to someone else.

That concept has stuck with me and to be totally honest, I have used it in job interviews and written passages before.

This new concept goes one step further… not only is it important to understand the value in empowering someone else to take the reins… it’s key to step back and let them fully step forward.  Many of us struggle with the concept of letting someone else step forward as we step back.

Do we feel threatened?  

Are we afraid of loosing power all together?  

Are we worried we won’t get the praise or attention we crave?  

Experience has taught me the most successful leader is the one who supports, uplifts, and empowers those around them.  They get pleasure from the success of their “team” without laying claim to that success.  They also work hard to make sure their team knows they are supported and this leader is the number one cheerleader.

It takes real work to be a leader.  You have to be willing to put in the hard work without the glory… you have to educate yourself and instill confidence in your of your ability.  Sometimes that even means… exuding confidence even when you’re unsure.

Do you do this?  Are you saying… I’m not the boss so I don’t have to… NOT TRUE!!!  There are multiple… countless times each day where you can be a leader.   BE a leader… around your office, at home, at the gym, at church and temple, FOR the environment, FOR politics, FOR a cause…

Show your leadership with TRUE Strength, have CONFIDENCE in your leadership, and step back and let others step forward.  

4 responses to “the Strength in leadership

  1. I agree with your statement “It takes real work to be a leader.” The article is very good. It motivates me. You have lines that struck me most such as “step back and let others step forward”. Sometimes, being a leader is not all about giving commands, it’s also letting others experience of what it is to be a leader even in small things because it would help them build confidence. Remember, big things comes from small things.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Jacqueline! So true!! Sometimes being a leader is allowing your team to also feel the hardships or struggles. Thank you for visiting TRUE Strength!

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