Show ’em you got this!

“Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi

Woo Hoo!  8pm each night you know where to find me… enjoying family time with Kev and Brocke watching the Olympics!!  Many times… I’ve cheated and have read the news and know who wins or looses or what drama has taken place but it’s been so much fun watching Brocke cheer on his favorite swimmer, gymnast, fencer… whatever the sport, we’ve decided on favorites!

Never  in my life have I learned so much about new (ie: random) sports!

This year’s Olympics has opened my eyes and I’ve absolutely fascinated with the games and the athletes… perhaps it is because for the first time in my life I’m watching as an athlete myself.  Sure, in the past I’ve been “athletic” running, cheerleading, and dancing… but I truly never considered myself an athlete. **HOWEVER I really, really feel that everyone is an athlete in their own way no matter what they do.   I am also now watching having experienced training, living and breathing competition, and having it end in a disappointing way.  I watch the athletes who have trained their way to the Olympic stage to fall short of their expectations and although it’s completely different degrees and level I feel a connection to their experience.  My heart goes out to them.

As a careful observer, I carefully watched the athletes faces, body language and reactions before and after an event.  Some motivation for this is to try to learn how to harness my nerves before and during a CrossFit WOD and competition.  I know I have to get control of this or I will not perform to my best abilities.

While studying the athletes I kept hearing the old adage… “Sometimes you have to fake it to make it” again and again while watching the gymnastics athletes I kept thinking of this… fake it to make it!

Fake it to make it translates to… exude confidence… even if you may not feel all that solid inside… walk into a room, own it, hold yourself with confidence, and act with purpose.

How valuable is this (illusion of??) confidence in a sport like gymnastics and diving where points and judging are subjective in-contrast to clear cut timing of track and swimming races or points on the basketball court… VERY!!!!  When a gymnast finishes a routine, lands, and pumps their fists in the air with a huge smile on their face they exude a confidence and power that says… I JUST DID AWESOME!!!  On the flip side, when they land, face and expression tight or defeated, body language drooping, they are illustrating… I suck… I just failed, judge me poorly because that’s how I did.

It takes skill to exude this confidence, to stay steady and strong even if you’re head is spinning, heart racing, if doubt has crept in.  <— Whether we’re talking athletics, professionally, or personally… this is a skill.  It’s also a skill to balance confidence with being humble.  Probably something that we all need to practice and continue developing.

I wonder if some people are born with this ability to have control over their nerves or if it comes with practice and training.  I know if I’m in front of a group of people in a professional setting… I’m on stage and LOVE it! Give me a presentation or a sponsorship to sell and I’m about it.  BUT as I’ve experienced… put me in an athletic arena and I go to high hell… my nerves get the best of me.  My coach once told me that I suffer from TBS… Tight Butt-hole Syndrome… yes… not very classy but TRUE!  I remember a quote from an old movie and I won’t get it right but it went something like…

“Underneath my make-up I may be cracking, falling, and flailing, but no matter what my lipstick will be bright red and perfect, my mascara, never smudged.” 

Sometimes you just have to fake it to make it and show ’em… Yea… I got this!

TRUE Strength 

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