Getting inked…

TRUE Strength

OK… lay down on the tattoo artist’s table, hold Kevin’s hand… with a death grip…deep breath in… let’s do this!

This weekend I got the words TRUE Strength tattooed across my ribs on my left side – as close to my heart as I could get them.  As one of my best friends joked… no, I didn’t get tattooed… this wasn’t an advertisement for this blog; it is a constant and forever reminder.  (Picture is from right after getting the tattoo which is why it’s so red!)

A constant reminder and statement about TRUE Strength and my dedication to the definition I have personally established for these words.

TRUE represents my marriage to Kevin and the dedication to our love, family, and our future together.  

Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith. 

I started thinking this morning about the TRUE Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit and faith.  In my experience, body and mind often work in tandem during a workout (and many other experiences) and sometimes they even work in conflict.  At times, the body wants to quit and give up and we must utilize the power of our mind to push through the uncomfortable and beyond our self imposed limitations.  In CrossFit we call this going to your “Dark Place”.

Other times, when our mind tells us to fear and hold back, our bodies surprise us doing what we thought we could not do… we tell our minds to be quiet, let go of fear and tada! our bodies have just accomplished great feats.

It is inevitable, at some point, during workouts, stressful times, trying challenges, our body and mind want to throw in the towel… At that point we must rely on our heart, spirit and faith. The more we let our heart, spirit, and faith grow and spread, the more powerful we are as individuals and as teammates (teammates in life, at work, in the CF Box, on the field… etc!).

TRUE Strength of letting go of fears, giving into our body, mind, heart, spirit and faith.  I will forever make my TRUE Strength statement and live by these principles.  

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