Patience is a virtue… just not one I have…

I’ve never been a good “waiter”

I’m antsy, I fidget, I DO NOT nap

I’m not even a good elevator rider… I’d rather just get out and run the stairs

However… I’m learning… **doesn’t mean I’m good at it yet… but I’m learning.

I’m learning to VALUE the process and to TRUST in the process

… what process?  


Let me be clear… I’ll never be one who just waits and lets things come to me or happen.  If I can take action and be proactive I will be – that’s in my DNA.  However, for the extremely challenging times when you have to trust, give up control and believe in the process… I am getting better.

This is the part of TRUE Strength that includes heart, spirit and faith.  Having the heart to stay positive, the spirit to uplift those around you and within, and the faith that the journey is steadfast, true, and part of the reason the end goal is so joyous.

This patience comes into play with any and all goals… patience to build muscles, to run faster, to perform better, to win.  The patience to get that degree, to climb the corporate ladder, start your own company, .  The patience to build relationships, mend old ones, find love, and start a family.

Like I said… Patience is certainly a virtue… just not one I have… mastered yet.

2 responses to “Patience is a virtue… just not one I have…

  1. If you view life itself as having an end goal, you miss out too! Life is the journey. True strength in navigating your own path and the motivation to let go!

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