the Strength in rest…

The alarm was on, running cloths set out (this way I don’t REALLY have to wake up – just dress in order) yet… when it was time to get up for a run… my body just would not agree. 

I am in a constant state of battle with my body and mind.  I have a guilty streak like the combo of a traditional Jewish and Catholic mother… but it’s all internal.

My constant battle is a ragging conflict between listening to my body and “thinking” myself into over-exercising.  I have continuous discussions with my coaches, CrossFit and Strength, about over-training and not taking enough rest.  I have a strength session scheduled tonight and we took a great family run yesterday (on my rest day)… yet, I felt the need to go for a run this morning… honestly to off-set the “cheat meal” I had last night from my strict Paleo and Zone eating lifestyle.  I was over-ruled by my body.

As I reflect, I waver back and forth between logically knowing my body needed rest and knowing I will perform better this evening and in future wods… and feeling lazy and telling myself I should have pushed through, forced the early wake up and gotten through it.  

It’s difficult at times to know when you’re in need of rest and when you’d feel better post workout because you didn’t give in to a tired body.  I read research article and studies all the time about the balance of work and rest and how vital sleep and rest/recovery are… but too often I get swept up in seeing what other people are doing, hearing about two-a-days, talking with someone who is training and getting ramped up to compete.  I fall victim to the internal competition and all too often talk myself into workouts or out of rest when I feel I’m slacking.  Slacking on what?  My personal standard of fit… which I’m learning is an ever changing and fluid state of being.  (I don’t do well with this most times)

Do you struggle with this too?  

If you do, how have you found to work through it… I’m trying to see the rest as scheduled parts of my workouts… that way I’m falling the “plan”

Hope you find your TRUE Strength in rest too.

2 responses to “the Strength in rest…

  1. I used to over do it, however, in time I realized my goals weren’t being met. For instance, I was working on a speed goal with my running as I wanted to improve my time. The more I worked out, the less results I’d get. I found by taking the rest day, I would have better energy the following day to work on my goals. I suppose what it comes down to, is really listening to your body. Ask yourself, what it is that you want from your particular training, and go from there.

    • Thank you for your insight! I relate to what you shared so much and I know many others will as well! I am starting to realize… I keep over doing it and expecting better results… when in reality I need to change the pattern to reach the goals I’m aiming for! Thank you again for sharing and for reading TRUE Strength!

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