Peace on OUR backs…

With a killer line up of ALL genres of music including Skrillex, Jay Z, Kanye, Gary Clark Jr., X, Run DMC, and Pearl Jam, the Inaugural Made In America music festival was an amazing experience.  Music lovers of ALL generations, backgrounds, ethnicity, and style took over the city of Philadelphia for a weekend I, for one, will never forget.

To say we had a great time is an understatement.

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We danced and jumped and bounced and looked silly as the oonze oonze oonze and bass drops by Calvin Harris and Skrillex blazed out.  When all of a sudden I was stopped dead in my (sweet) dance (?) moves.  WHY?  Because a few security guards walked passed me in the crowd. 

Something going down??  Someone starting trouble??  Someone out of control??


The security guards were making their way through the crowd (slowly enough to enjoy the music) making their presence known in a non-intimidating way.  More like the gentle hand of a mother on a child’s back saying… don’t worry – everything’s fine… just remember, I’m here.  Is this ALL that rare?  No probably not, but what hit me and made me stop to take a thoughtful moment was their uniforms.

All of the security guards were strong, big men and women – they would not be someone you’d want mad at you!  They all had walkies and ear pieces and serious looking black pants and boots.  However, their shirts… bright, bright yellow had the festival logo on the front: Made In America and a HUGE PEACE SIGN on their backs!  

May sound simple… but the symbolism of this shirt design is SO POWERFUL!  

This festival had over 100,000 music lovers of ALL types.  The line-up was designed to intentionally mix genres, ages, styles, backgrounds and ethnicity.  In large part, it was a statement that when you break it down, music and a common positive energy brings people together and common cords exist among all genres of music and build the foundation to the variety of music we all love…


Intentionally designing the shirts with peace signs on the back remind us, the need and the deliverance of peace is on OUR BACKS.  It is our own responsibility to break down barriers, find more common cords, and create an environment of peace and TRUE Strength.

Break it down, dance, bounce, be silly, listen to a new band, and carry the role of peace on your back!

Perhaps a new tattoo??  … nah, but I will carry the symbol and image in my mind and heart forever!



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