Dear sir who stole my phone…

I sure hope that my phone keeps you warm at night, well fed, and happy…

Yesterday, I was right in the middle of writing a sentimental (and very touching… aka kick ass!) post about the importance of remembering and teaching the events of September 11th… the reason behind everything that took place and how we all have a responsibility to make sure history does not repeat itself.

It was so touching, if I say so myself… 

So, as I’m writing this beautiful entry, I turn to grab my phone to check something and… what??  Where’s my phone?

Long story short… my phone was stolen, right off my desk, out of my office… in the courthouse.  Take some guts.

I felt violated, I felt stressed, I felt upset with myself for leaving it on my desk in the open.

THEN I realized… 

This is an object, it can happen at anytime to anyone… on a day of service and remembrance I should realize the good people far out way the bad ones out there.

So… in a snarky fake letter to the man who stole my phone…

Dear sir, 

I hope you can sell my phone to keep you warm at night and put food on the table for your family, I hope the pictures of my nieces at the park make you smile as they do for me on a rough day, I hope the video of my husband doing double-unders (well trying… and not very well) make you giggle as it did for me when I needed a lift.  I hope you enjoy the motivational quotes I had saved over the last two years for moments of challenge.  I hope you enjoy the OSU Buckeye alerts I’ve set up, I hope you enjoy knowing that since I had a pass-code on the phone… you can’t access anything and you’ve probably just made about $100.

Ultimately, any problem that can solved by money is not a problem… I will be able to replace my phone… you though sir CANNOT replace your morals.  

AND Karma will come back. 


TRUE Strength

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