As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible in a given time frame

CrossFit speak for DO NOT STOP… until the clock reads ZERO keep going, cycling through the rounds or, at times, chipping away at the reps.

An AMRAP is deceivingly killer.  AMRAPs are challenging in the TRUE Strength definition – meaning – they are challenging physically and mentally (big time mentally for me!), they test your heart and spirit, and can leave you praying to a higher spirit to help you keep going.  ALL is tested: body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith.

When given a task to complete as fast as possible – you know… I just get through this and that means, one less rep remaining.  In an AMRAP – as soon as you “finish” one round you’re back at the beginning.  I’m sure I don’t need to continue convincing you about the test an AMRAP presents.

For CrossFitters who have participated in The CrossFit Games Open – have you noticed ALL the Open wods are AMRAPs?  A big part of that is because it makes it a little easier to score and rank – and allows for everyone to at least participate in some way.  AND it’s also a testament to how challenging AMRAPs are … remember Open WOD #1??  7 Minute AMRAP of BURPEES??

So… why on the soapbox??  Thursday night I was coaching a new client who is a few days into his first week of CrossFit.  He is a former Marine and a current local police officer.  By his own admission, it has been a long time since he’s worked out and felt healthy.  The workout included a nice quality warm up, stiff leg press strength work, and then a 16 minute AMRAP.

Although only a few days into this member’s journey into CrossFit and wellness he has an undeniable fire and drive that is contagious!  The WOD was a burner – nothing heavy to go slow on, no long run or row segments, just go, go, go.  At the very end of the 16 minutes he lay in the classic post CrossFit WOD stance (flat out on the ground) and pounded his hand into the ground, saying I wanted to finish!

YOU DID FINISH!!!  I know he meant he wanted to finish that round, but the key was that he never let off the drive and passion to get through the 16 minutes – with quality reps and pushing himself each time.  He did finish – because he never gave up.

Warning… the philosophical statement of the post… Think about how many aspects of life can be turned into AMRAPs?  A few days ago I tweeted (@Megan_EI)  … “AMRAP positive thoughts, 3, 2, 1 GO!” the response was so fun… people had fun with the concept and spread it throughout their day.  How often can we incorporate an AMRAP in our day to day life?


      a smile

      a helpful act

      a good deed

      a laugh

      a healthy choice

So many other ways to incorporate the concept.  Most importantly, AMRAP LIFE itself.  LIVE LIFE.

Remember… AMRAPs test your TRUE Strength: of body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith. 

Embrace that and keep going!



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