Excited to announce…

OK, OK, so nothing as monumental as the announcement that I’ve cured cancer or figured out the secret to time travel.  BUT I am excited to announce (and thank you all) that I’ve officially become a published writer!  

TRUE Strength was published in the September/October issue and will be a regular column in a great, local … and growing… magazine: 11Athletics.  11Athletics is a fitness and health focused magazine featuring and discovering the many amazing Central Ohio based health and wellness experts and activities.

I couldn’t describe their mission and background better… in their own words:

Life is all about energy, movement, desire and your ability to find what moves you. Those of us at 11athletics believe that improving each of these through functional fitness will lead to a GOOD life. 11athletics’ goal is to introduce and educate functional fitness to all populations and to promote athletic fitness for sports and everyday life. Movement is based on a series of different muscles working together to perform a desired goal and we sometimes take our ability to move for granted. It is our belief that improving your own body’s ability to move through functional fitness will improve your energy, your desire and your life for the better.

A Functional Life Equals a Good Life

I am proud to be a part of this initiative and movement towards a more active community, providing access to opportunities for improving health and wellness for ALL (not the already fit!), sharing research in the world of new physical developments, treatments and practices, and showcasing local doctors, trainers, enthusiasts, athletes, fans, professionals… the whole community.

You can pick up your 11Athletics TODAY at your local Kroger and CVS stores OR have it delivered right to your door each issue by subscribing NOW HERE

Many, many thanks are due to all of you who have read and shared TRUE Strength thus far.  I hope you continue to share in TRUE Strength!

Make this day a good one!  You have that power… go do it!

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