the Strength in Faith

The word FAITH is a tricky one…

It can conjure up many different emotions, passionate debate and preconceived opinions.  When someone says they have a strong faith, many people may assume one means in a traditionally religious way.  Often when someone hears “faith” their mind takes them to a particular sect of religious beliefs.

My family is from the Jewish faith.  We hold strong to the traditions as they relate to bringing our family together and relishing old stories and memories.  We are very reform and my brother, sister, and I were taught, from a young age, to always learn all we could and continue to question, gather information and then translate it onto and into ourselves as it felt right.

I love the traditions we carry and I enjoy creating new family traditions.  In all honesty, I think my personal religion is a melting pot of practices, ethics, morals, and stories.


Very much like the picture above, I’m realizing, faith (to me) is created and sustained through building blocks.  The blocks consist of loved ones, friends, role models, passionate others, time, personal experiences and so much more.  The more solid the base and foundation the higher and higher one can go and reach.

Lately, I’ve been more outwardly public about praying for others, my family, and self, as well as, shamelessly asking for prayers while going through challenges.  The reaction and response is incredible.  I’m blessed (another tricky word) to feel the warmth of so many as they have shared prayers, positive thoughts, and energy.  These are the building blocks.  I’ve found comfort in scriptures that have been shared with me.  I relate to the words, message, and emotions even if I don’t always connect 100% on the traditional religious background the scripture was written in.  Is it wrong that I can relate to a passage no matter which religion is was scribed for?  Some may think so.  Some may read this and think… I’m in a transition or searching to find G-d.  However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In reality, I have had my eyes opened and have felt an incredible warm embrace of faith… from all religions and non-religious backgrounds.

To me, FAITH has always been a part of TRUE Strength and I think I’m still building the blocks to make up a strong and powerful faith.

I have faith in my family and friends,

faith in prayer,

faith in positive outlook, spirit, and energy,

faith in working hard,

faith in forgiveness,

faith in mistakes,

faith in others,

and am working on faith in myself.

TRUE Strength

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