4.5 LITERS of Fluid…

4.5 Liters of fluid… LITERS…

Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water.

Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight, as is the brain; body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. About 83% of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature.

Each day humans must replace 2.4 litres of water.

So why the education on fluid in our bodies and what the heck does it have to do with 4.5 LITERS??  The explanation was the muse for my most recent post: This Too Shall Pass.  Let me take you through the last 11 or so days.

I woke up feeling “off” I know my body pretty well and am very responsive to what goes in and out.  I’m very strict about my meals and nutrition and I know how my body responds to more or less food and fluid.  I was off.  As the day went on so did the bad feeling.  By the next morning I found myself on the cold tile in the bathroom crying in pain and feeling very sick.  Staying in bed the rest of the day and assuming it was a stomach bug I notice my stomach was starting to bloat and swell.  The next day, once again come 4:45am I was laying on the cold tile, miserable.  I stayed home from work that day and figured I had something that was going around.  BUT… my stomach was now truly protruding… not just bloat… but hard and really painful.  Thus went the next few days.  My mom even said… oh honey, you just FEEL like you look big, it’ll go down.  NO… My stomach had grown to sizes I’d never seen.  I looked four to five months pregnant… over night.

I couldn’t stand up straight, I couldn’t eat… the only way to describe this feeling was that my stomach was literally going to rip my skin and bust open.  I was having trouble breathing and couldn’t lay down, nor stand up.

We went to the doctor… Ultimately it was a side effect of some medicine I’ve been on… my body was taking on more and more fluid and in some cases the fluid eventually goes away, in some cases it needs to be drained.  My case… we needed it out!  During the hospital prep I started feeling a gurgling right below/inside my right side rib cage… the doctor explained all my organs had shifted up to make more room for the fluid and the gurgling was air pockets being created by my heart beating and the organs being shoved up there.  FUN RIGHT??

Here’s me in the hospital

Cute right?  They let me take the hair net off but it was needed for the picture!

Ultimately, they drained 4.5 liters of fluid… over 9 pounds… within 45 minutes.

Am I all better and cured?  NO but I am better than I was… over the last 11 days, my whole body has changed.  I still have about 5 pounds of fluid sitting on my system.  The weirdest thing is the fluid has been finding its way to random places on my body and has completely changed my shape.  I’m not sure once its all gone if there will be lasting impacts and changes but in just under two weeks of time, I went from having a flat stomach… NOT trying to be cocky… but I always loved my abs, small waist, and flat tummy.  Now… I have no waist, my stomach sticks out, and I’m uncomfortable all the time.  I cannot just throw on an outfit… not everything fits, furthermore, almost everything makes me look very, very pregnant.  Each day, I’m getting better, I can move around a little bit more and more.  JUST today, I can actually move my stomach, instead of the hard swollen feeling… it moves!  The fluid is still moving through my body and downward which is bizarre… but it’s a learning experience.

I cannot workout like I’m used to.  I can’t jump, bounce, lift heavy… my back hurts all the time, I get winded because it is still hard to breath at times.  In 11 days, my whole routine, my whole comfort zone, my whole day to day has changed.  My body has changed.  I’ve struggled with body image issues many times before and let me assure you… throwing a complete, overnight body overhaul is a tough one to work through.  Each day stronger and better.  TRUE Strength goes on.

It’s ok I don’t look like myself, it’s ok I’m uncomfortable. 

Ultimately it’s all for good and for a good lesson. 

We’re stronger than we know, stronger than we look, and so much more than what we look like. 

TRUE Strength

7 responses to “4.5 LITERS of Fluid…

  1. Hang in there, girl. I know how u feel x 10. I went from working out five times a week, to now, I haven’t been able to go to the gym for about four months. My spinal surgery is set for the end of the month, and I realize I have to take a few steps back to go completely forward and see the light (return to my routine, which as u know, can mess with everything.). My workouts were my mental health…..

    You will get there because you have heart and drive! Ur body will bounce back, try not to focus on that ( coming from Ms. Body issues…me!). I am a dietitian, so if u ever have any questions ( I know ur well educated in nutrition already.), please do not hesitate to ask. Fluid balance is VERY important. You are doing the right thing by taking it slow. Again, hang in there girl, you are beautiful even if ur stomach isn’t flat right now….its water( just keep reminding urself of that.). Also, sorry if this is random coming from a girl u have only talked to a few times. I enjoy reading ur blog and always looked to u when I was starting cross-fit. Take care! Dani Luther

    • Dani – Thank you SO much for writing!!! It’s an honor to me that you’ve been reading TRUE Strength. My goodness! I had no idea you were up for surgery!!! Are you able to have visitors? Maybe we could grab tea sometime soon and help share strength!! Thank you. It’s a constant struggle… but we gain so much in that struggle. Take care of yourself!

      • Hey, Girl. For some reason, when I kept checking the comments, it wasn’t showing anything, my silly phone likes to play tricks on me. :0) I would love to meet up sometime. My surgery is the 29th, so I’m down to the wire, but would love to chat. Feel free to call or text me 812-207-4292. I look forward to chatting with you. I hope you are feeling well.

      • Hi! I’ll be sending positive thoughts and energy your way for the surgery!!! Let me know if I can bring you anything!!! I’ll shoot you my number too so we can stay in touch!!! Maybe I can bring you soup or a good book!

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