Victim into accountable

“Stop being a Victim and start being Accountable”

If you can envision someone saying this using their fingers… they hold up a V with their pointer and middle fingers and then flip it to an A for accountable.  The message may have been lost on my 12 year old son when my husband was trying to teach a life lesson the other morning but the message has rung true with me and I’ve found myself thinking of all the people I’d like to give the motion to… myself included.

It’s easy to say “but it happened because…” or “it’s that person’s fault.” It’s so much easier to make excuses or find the way around looking within.

What comes with being accountable? 

Admitting you were wrong perhaps

Showing uncertainty

Considering the possibility of failing… and not being afraid

Asking for help

Being humble

What comes FROM being accountable?




Perhaps failures… but those are followed by gains

Self confidence

TRUE Strength

I’m confidence in the world of athletics the more you become accountable for your strengths, weaknesses, fears, missteps, and challenges… the more you’ll find success in by all measures.  I know, personally in my CrossFit pursuit, it’s time to stop saying… “I suck at jumping or I like metcons but heavy barbell work… no way!” It’s time to be accountable and look at those weaknesses, stop making excuses or side steps and face them.  Once I become less of a victim and more accountable I’ll be able to overcome them!  The same is true at home with family and friends and at work.

Read the definition of accountability below… take it in… and start turning your state of Victim into Accountablity more often!


Why bother…

Why bother?  Because you’re too good not to.  Step UP

Every single day we’re faced with choices… times to choose to “bother”

Bother to say hello

Bother to help

Bother to change a habit

Bother to go the extra step

Bother to set a goal

Bother to work towards that goal

Bother to get down and dirty

Bother to be a friend

In the short term it may feel easier to not bother… to choose to take a seat on the couch.

BUT in the long run… it takes more energy to come back from not bothering than it does to take that extra step.

Plus… do you really want to be that person who just doesn’t bother to step up?

Let him who would move the world, first move himself.