I … uh… CrossFit…

We’ve made the transition from our fertility specialist to my normal OB… I didn’t want to leave!!  But this week’s conversation with the nurse consultant at least made for fun entertainment.

This was how our discussion went…

Nurse: So – you seem to live an active lifestyle… I’m sure your activity levels have changed… have you found an exercise you’re enjoying… like walking or slow yoga movements?

Me: Well… I, uh, CrossFit.

Nurse: Puzzled look

Me: Eeee…. things like body weight exercises (this got an ok look), pull ups, weight lifting, rope climbs (I had done 10 the night before)

By this point, the nurse was taking notes veraciously.  The only response I got was… well I guess if your body is conditioned already for this it’s ok to continue.  Just stay at a pace you can maintain a conversation.

Later in the packet of goodies she gave me I saw a line where it said to limit weight lifting to 5 and 8 pounds.  HMMMM…

So… continue what my body is conditioned to do.  Check – I can do that… NOW what I really need to “train for” is to change my mentality… rather… train my mentality to function on a different wave length.

I will be training each day to take care of these kiddos, to make sure my body is the most physically fit and ready as possible to have them and then be the active, engaged, role model of a mom I’ve always envisioned.  I need to train to be a member, a client, and someone who is working hard and having fun… not competing (maybe still with myself), but who is comfortable moving – for now – from ‘in training mode’ to being mode.

** “Being” does not equal not doing, growing, pushing.

I challenge you to think about what re-training mentally you can do! 

TRUE Strength

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