“I just try it”

I swear to you the best conversations with kids come when riding in the car AND they speak the ultimate truth.

The other night I was taking our son to hockey practice.  Our conversation started with him outlining his goal of getting to the NHL… all while being a professional scooter trickster.  Scooter trickster??  YES- think X-Games or Xtreme Sport athlete. I said that eventually events and competitions held currently at the X-Games may end up in the Olympics so he could strive for that too.  We were honestly being completely serious – I love hearing him talk about goals and dreams.  It’s always great to strive for something.

As we talked more about scootering I asked… “Do you ever get scared when you try a new trick or jump.”

Without hesitation he said,  


I was a little shocked by how readily he answered and how honest he was about his fear.  

I then asked well how do you get over it. Personally at this time I couldn’t help but think about my own, almost paralyzing fear I’ve felt during CrossFit competitions.  

He simply said… “I guess I just go try it.”

WOW.  I know this sounds simple and easy enough but I wanted to pull the car over and just stare at him for a second… words of wisdom coming from the mouth of this 12 year old.  He didn’t know it but it was a profoundly philosophical statement.

So often we can let fear guide us and stunt our growth, goals, and accomplishments.  Does fear take a hold of us as we age or is it something we’re taught?  I think, either way it’s something we can teach ourselves to overcome.

From here on out I’m promising to honor B’s advice and wisdom and … just try it.  

Give it a try too! 

TRUE Strength

go for it

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