Stronger, Better, Faster, More… more… more

THE NEED… The need to be stronger, better, faster… to do more… to go more… more, more, more

Is drive an inherited trait?  Is it something that can be learned?

Where does that little voice come from in the back of our minds saying that pushes us to new goals, levels and keeps us going during hard times?

Drive can be amazing… it enables us to dream… and turns dreams into accomplishments.  Drive takes what others struggle with and turns them into habits and “ways of life.”  Drive helps us move forward educationally, professionally, athletically and personally. 

Drive can also be a slippery slope.  The drive to perfection can be a path to disappointment.  Drive can give one tunnel vision and make you forget the other important parts of life.

This need of stronger, better, faster, more… perfection drove me to unhealthy behaviors, choices, and actions… all in the name of reaching higher, going longer, more… more… more.

It has caused me to compare myself to friends, competitors, MYSELF.  This need has been the culprit of me loosing sight of the reason I started my fitness journey (running and now CrossFit), it took MY goals away and replaced them with working towards goals I felt someone else imposed on me.  It drove me to loose sight of the people around me who I value and treasure the most.  It created an unhealthy and unbalanced mind and relationship with food and exercise.

However, the same drive that may have slid too far also helped me battle back and win.  However, it is a constant battle.  One I’m finding harder to fight and keep under wraps as I travel through this pregnancy.  I find myself comparing what I do now to the athlete I was while training… comparing myself and what I can do now to friends at the gym… questioning myself and body (and babies) when I’m being told I need to rest.

This is a battle that will only make me stronger (better, faster…).  It will be what helps me, not only stay healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy, but also return to a healthy and strong person after.  My priorities have already shifted to focusing on these babies and family… those shifts will also help keep MY dreams, goals, and accomplishments in focus and remain MINE.

My goals will not deplete, if anything they have and will continue to become higher, stronger, bigger because I’ve lived the unbalanced road and continue to fight and battle.  Each day I fight on and get stronger within, which is where real drive comes from. 

Drive is a powerful tool.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything, I’m not the person today with out my (perhaps sometimes flawed and over) drive.  But, I’m proud of who I am today.  And I’m excited to see where this drive takes me.

Continue to find you drive, battle on, and fight for YOUR goals.

TRUE Strength


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