Training for Three

Fair-warning… this post really is all CrossFit, all the time.  Nothing very philosophical  nothing all that profound just a blip on my journey through CrossFit while pregnant.

Training for 3

I (we) kicked off 2013 with great CrossFit workouts at CrossFit New Albany.  Since entering the second trimester I’ve had my energy (and stomach) back so my workouts have gotten back on schedule and into a good solid routine.

So far this has been an experimental phase… I listen to my body and when something doesn’t feel right I respond.  Luckily I haven’t had too many of those instances – really only specific stretches on my left side feel not so good.  Once I get over 100# on cleans I feel the need to stay put right around there and I’m noticing kipping pull-ups can feel a little off now and then.  I’m really focusing efforts on proper form and strength where I can.  I’m reading about the changes in flexibility due to relaxin increasing in my body.  At first I thought… sweet I’ll be more flexible!!!  But then read how it can shift everything and impact body position and form.  So, yea, not so sweet.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to continue working out throughout their whole pregnancy  especially with twins… but my goal is to keep moving as much and for as long as possible and healthy for the babies.  I know in the long run this will make the pregnancy better, delivery easier, and post delivery recovery faster.  I also am dedicated to instilling a strong work ethic and drive in our children through role modeling positive, healthy behavior.  

My next goal… get up on the rings and do a few muscle ups.  I had them before getting pregnant and because of the very early, very severe complications we went through I wasn’t able to continue working on them.  Now I know it is fear holding me on the ground.  So… hopefully soon I’ll be posting a picture of the three of us at the top of a muscle up!

TRUE Strength! 

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