New Year’s Reso – what?

I’ve read that within three weeks of making a New Year’s resolution over 75% of people have already broken from it and gone back to old habits.

The number 1 New Year’s Resolution year after year is to lose weight. Just move the needle on the scale to a lower number.  Sure… this can be a valid goal for some…but for many, many others why is it just a number goal?? 

Turn on your tv the week after Christmas and throughout January and you’ll hear the biggest secrets to losing weight, the one thing you didn’t do before that guarantees success, and society telling you… if you’re NOT trying to lose weight right now – something MUST be wrong with you??

Why not flip that notion and societal trend upside down and focus on living a healthier life, being stronger, looking better naked??  Yea… come on isn’t that the real reason to get in shape 🙂 

With the right combination of exercise and nutrition you can tighten, tone, and define your body; creating an image in the mirror that is smoking hot.  You can now do pull-ups, climb a rope, lift weights over your head… not those baby 5 pounders… I’m talking barbell… chalk… up and over… you’re strong and healthy.  You may step on the scale and sure… the number may be higher than before… but you are rock solid… rock out those jeans and bikini… your waist is smaller and you can see your abs, your arms have definition, your legs are shapely and you have curves in all the right places.

I personally struggle with this each year.  I have battled eating disorders and still fight hard to maintain a healthy mind and relationship with food and weight.   However, every time I walk up to the barbell and clean and jerk it, climb a rope, or get up on the rings for muscle ups, I know I would never trade my strong, healthy, full of life body, for the weakling I was at 30 pounds skinner. 

The time to make real changes to our habits and daily lives is a constant continuum.  We should continue to adapt, change, evolve and grow.  You have the control to make difference choices whether that means loosing extra weight or GAINING weight, making better food choices and/or allowing yourself to enjoy a healthy relationship with food, doing things that scare you inside and outside of the gym.

I challenge you to buck the trend… start a new one… be stronger, healthier, faster, happier, looking better… forget the number… that’s MY (all the time) Resolution!

TRUE Strength


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