Competing for Three: Compete Every Day

It was an absolute honor to be asked to be a guest writer for Compete Every Day.  The company’s mission and values are more than statements they are a way of life:

“I encourage you to compete. To chase after the people, the dreams, the values you hold so dear. Don’t let them wither away from neglect.” – Chief Encouragement Officer and Founder Jake Thompson


Compete Every Day’s statement of purpose that we should all Compete Every Day for our Faith, Work, Health, Dreams, and Relationships spoke to the very core of me and what I feel TRUE Strength is all about.

I am honored to be associated with such an amazing brand, company, and value system.

This is the article I wrote for CED.  Please go visit their website and read the other fantastic stories from amazing, awe-inspiring athletes.  The site is full of life lessons, motivation, and kick ass gear!

When the CrossFit Games Open begins I will be 26 weeks pregnant with twins… and I will be competing.

Now, please keep in mind, at this time “competing” doesn’t mean what it used to even a year ago to me but it does mean I’ll give it my all and will have fun with my CrossFit New Albany family and teammates.

You may be thinking… one of two things… WHY, WHY, WHY do the Open while pregnant OR – big deal there are plenty of CrossFit moms-to-be who are also competing in the Open.  I understand both thoughts.  Let me reply to the second one first… I applaud all the moms-to-be, all the women who just recently had babies, all the dads who’s wives just recently had babies… to be honest… I applaud ALL of us who are taking on the Open – no matter what your level, talent, experience or skills are.  GOOD FOR YOU (and US!)  It’s because we all are taking this step into an exciting and sometimes scary challenge that we are paving the way for a healthier, stronger, and happier community and future.

Now for the first thought… I understand your concern, but trust me, with a strong team of incredibly supportive family members, coaches and fellow CrossFitters around me these babies are the safest they can possibly be. Day in and out, I work closely with my coaches at CFNA to understand when I need to modify a movement and I will certainly be going slower than I would have been last year when I was competing for a spot as an individual competitor.  My goal this year is to submit a score for each wod; it may be a low one, but at least enter something each week.  Who knows though… there may come a wod that I physically cannot perform rx’ed and that will be ok because I’ll do the modifications and still give it my all.

Fit and healthy parents lead to fit and healthy children and families.  Whether fitness mattered to you before you were pregnant or not, it can and should matter to you while you are pregnant and beyond. I know it matters to me.

I’m not letting any excuses stop me from what I love; I’m not intimidated to give The Open a try… why would you let anything stop you?  Take on The Open has a personal challenge… what can you compete for? You don’t have to be shooting for The Games to crush your own goals for The Open.

This year, I’m not competing for a spot in the top 60 women or for a team to qualify.  I’m competing for me and my babies.  Competing for a strong, healthy life and pregnancy and to become a strong and healthy role model for my soon to arrive babies.  I’m competing for every ounce of self doubt I have let hold me back and competing for the new perspective this time as a mom-to-be has blessed me with.

I’ll be Competing Every Day.

Strong is sexy


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