Love Life… Be Brave

love life
be brave

Love Life… Be Brave

OR would you say…

Be Brave, Love Life?

Over a year ago I was given a goodbye gift from a dear friend and co-worker.  It was a simple bracelet with a very small silver charm that read, Love Life. It is perfect, classic and simple but oh so powerful. I don’t wear it all that often but whenever I see it in my jewelry box I remember this friend’s powerful words and I’m reminded to Love Life… every part of it.

When I put the bracelet on this morning I knew I wanted to share its message – maybe even more so, I wanted to put it  into words so I remembered how important the statement is and how we can all be reminded to love life.  I really wanted to take an artsy picture of the bracelet to accompany this post… which ended up being a disaster as it’s so small you’d really only see a blurry blue and silver line… not attractive.  BUT as I gave up and started to put the bracelet back on my wrist I flipped it over on accident revealing the back of the silver charm I had long ago forgotten was there. The back says, “Be Brave.”

What a message and how fitting that the order of these two statements can be interchangeable.  Perhaps sometimes in life  you need it to read… Love Life, Be Brave!!! And sometimes maybe you need a little more bravery in your life and it’s more fitting to read… Be Brave, Love Life.

Be as philosophical as you want but bottom line… Go ahead – Be Brave! Love your Life… all of it – the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We take the sweet with the sour and the sweet can’t taste as good without the sour.

It takes some guts and bravery… but we all have it in us.

Be Brave, Love Life!

Love Life, Be Brave! 

2 responses to “Love Life… Be Brave

  1. Love that! Reminds me of what Jillian Michaels said on the Biggest Loser last night: Fear: it can paralyze you or motivate you!

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