The 2013 CrossFit Open is… Closed

Well… the 2013 CrossFit Open has officially wrapped.

My goal when the open started was to submit a score for each wod.  I knew the scores would most likely be one or two reps each wod but it was important to me to at least try my hardest, stay safe, and prove that there are no excuses to be made.

Five weeks later… five wods… five scores… no DNF’s…

I’m proud of that.

To say I didn’t leave a few wods thinking to myself… “Oh, I could have done a lot better” would be a lie.  I even had a minor breakdown after 13.2 (wod 2) because I had a score in mind and thought I could have done better.  I even considered doing it again just to prove to myself that I could.  But with the gentle reminders from those around me and the straight forward truth of my coaches, trainers, and husband I was snapped back into place remembering my goal… just enter a score and keep these babies safe.  I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, other than myself. And what did I have to prove?  That I could do what I loved and be a part of the community I love WITHOUT being the top, the best, or the winner. I could just be a part of the family and cheer everyone on as they worked hard.

I approached this Open season and each Open WOD with the same desire to succeed as before and the same intensity and excitement as past years (minus my traditional iced coffee which I miss oh so much!). The difference this time was that I knew after my two or so reps I’d have to switch to the modifications deemed safe for me to use.  I was NOT however, phoning in my few reps and then taking it easy.

I missed the competition, I missed the training, and I missed being able to do things RX’ed, but I didn’t miss the stress and the time away from my family.  I was able to see with much clearer eyes this time around how much tunnel vision I had last year and how if I get back into training down the road how I will NOT let that happen again.  How can I guarantee that? I can’t give you a sentence or two that will leave you saying… ah I see, you’ve found the secret.  All I can say is that I’ve been blessed with the perspective of both sides and for me that is what it took to see how I want my future to be.  I can work hard and still be present in my family and personal life.

Our box is lucky enough (or just damn good enough!) to have individuals who qualified, a qualified team (ranked 38th in the WORLD), AND the #1 Masters Man in the WORLD!!!

I’m so proud of them.  Maybe even more so, I’m proud of every person who undertook this journey no matter what their score or rank.  They may have signed up with trepidation but in the end they proved to themselves that they can do amazing things – one rep at a time.  I’m proud of each person who stayed after a class to cheer someone else on.

Proud of every one who didn’t let fear stop them.  

Fear has stopped me before… it’s derailed my success… but it’s made me stronger.  I no longer fear failure, I’ve been humbled by this 2013 Open and I’ve learned there is no black and white here, no all or nothing… it’s all perspective and all balance.  No fear, balance, and no excuses!

I ended this season ranked 1,799th out of 10,705 in the Central East Region.  A little different than last year… but I’ve gained so much in this year that I’d never trade spots!

TRUE Strength


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