How you doin??

How am I doin??  … Still pregnant.  How you doin??  

(Yes… I’ve been watching Friends marathons)

I’ve been racking my brain for a powerful post to write this week.  But… this is what you’re going to get… sassy and sarcastic… when all else fails, right?

I’ve been slacking on new posts and apologize!!  But I must plead pregnancy brain… Days have been packed with many, many projects to finish at work and evenings have been consumed with baby prep, family time, “nesting” and working out on my “allowed” days at CrossFit.

So we’ve entered week 36… This has been the goal all along and honestly the whole pregnancy I had it dead set in my mind that I would ONLY go to 36… now it looks like the twins have decided to hang out a little longer.  I know this is a GOOD thing.  I continue to hear it from everyone I talk with… “Oh the longer they stay in the better.”  Yea – super easy for you to say sir who is not carrying them!  

Please know, I am thankful we’ve made it this far and I’m thankful for each day they continue to grow, get stronger and healthier, and each day I’m given to get more done (obsessive with being productive perhaps??).  But I am ready for the twins to make their debut.

So, the next three posts are going to be about my pregnancy journey.

1. Pregnancy can be just weird!

2. CrossFitting while pregnant

3. My body is now everyone’s body

The bottom line is … pregnancy IS weird.  The whole concept that there is a human, or two, growing inside of me is more alien than I had ever imagined.  I’ve assigned reactions/personalities to them and know if I eat an orange they will go bonkers… if I’m in a meeting and am sitting/not talking they do NOT like it.  If I’m up on my feet moving around (I know, I know… I should be sitting with my feet up) they are quieter and calmer – almost like I”m rocking them to sleep.

The fact that co-workers can now see my stomach move and jump is weird.

The fact that I bump into things with my belly is weird.

The fact that in about two weeks we will finally meet these twins is weird… and oh so overdue!

A few comments I’ve heard from complete strangers and a golden one said to a pregnant friend…

“You’re about to drop that baby” <— Imagine this in the most obnoxious voice and accent possible

“Let me push that door open for you, it’s too heavy for you to touch” … ummm ma’am, I just lifted over 100 pounds last night multiple times and then did a whole workout, put you’re right, I shouldn’t open the door for myself.  Thank you

“You’re STILL pregnant”  Yea, I know!

And the one said to my friend and nutritionist… “Oh sweetie, you have such a cute waddle” … a cute waddle??  Really??!!  Who says that!?

Upcoming will be my Pregnant CrossFit Journey and how the experience of being pregnant has opened the door to allow my body to become everyone else’s business.

Carry on (and carry those babies on!)

Updated pictures coming soon too!

TRUE Strength