And along came babies…

I had a plan to write a three part blog about being pregnant.  I had them all started and damn they were witty and entertaining.  BUT our little angels had different plans.  

Thursday, May 16th I went to the doctor and he said… nothing is happening… no change, no movement.  Friday mid-morning I went to the gym and I became one of those stories that starts with… all of a sudden my water broke!  

Yes… very fitting that my water would break at the gym right?  I was two minutes into the warm up and … OH MY GOODNESS… I think something just happened.  I “gracefully” said my goodbyes and inched out the door.  Kevin and I did not believe my water actually broke and we took our sweet time getting to the hospital… two hours later, a dog dropped off at daycare, Brocke picked up from school… we calmly walked into the hospital.  Brocke said he thought it would all be a lot more dramatic than it all was.  

Everything was a blur from there though.  Yes, my water had really broke, I was having contractions… but I couldn’t feel them and a c-section was needed to get the girls out safely.  I wanted the surgeons to be busy and need extra time, but they were ready for me and a quick 4 hours later I was getting my spinal shot and here we go!!!  

Baylor Rose Ellis was born at 5:58pm and Nola Irene Ellis was born at 6:01pm.  

Baylor and Nola

The days that followed were a whirlwind with very high highs and very low lows.  The emotions after delivery are so powerful and take you over.  Baylor and I were released four days later, but the day we were going home, Nola was taken into the NICU.  Our hearts were broken and the terrible feeling of leaving a piece of you at the hospital was gut wrenching.  My next post will be about our NICU journey and the adventure at home with our whole family. 

We ARE all home and healthy – learning so many new things about each family member.  Baylor and Nola have been blessed with family, friends and angels who already shower them with love and protection. 

Welcome to the word our loves

TRUE Strength

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