Core Strength

“How was your workout?”


“Oh… okay… umm…have a good shower”

My poor husband!  … he has to deal with … me.  This conversation came after week one of being back to CrossFit after our twins were born.  I was rushing in the door to shower and feed the babies after a defeating CF WOD.

I continued to whine (cry… bawl) to him about how weak my core was.  I listed out the things I couldn’t do in the wod, the things that I used to excel in, the things I used to love and  now cannot do.  I didn’t want to hear rational thinking, just wanted to feel sorry for myself.

I got the whine out of my system but was still upset – just feeling defeated.  I kept thinking… my goodness… my core is so weak!!!  My biggest strength is now my biggest weakness.  The inner dialog sounded like this…

My core is so weak… 

… so weak… 

WAIT.  My CORE is stronger than it has ever been. 


Yes… my midsection (my body core) is very weak.  After 36 weeks of pregnancy and a c-section I think the word “weak” doesn’t even describe how weak I feel.

However, my core of life is stronger than it has ever been.

My core is so much more than my physical strength.  My core is our family, the love that I never knew would be possible for two little angels, the  love I feel for my husband every time I see him hold our girls – my core is the life we have and are creating.  It is stronger than ever because it is the sum of all the parts.  Life is no longer just me.  Life is my core – my family – my loves.

The realization struck that to create the strongest core imaginable I had to temporarily sacrifice the strong physical core.  The physical will come back with hard work.  The life core will take hard work to nurture and grow – and in both cases – there is no other type of hard work I want to take on.

TRUE Strength