Strong Arms

I LOVE toned arms.  They’re sexy, sleek and depict hard work and strength.

Although I feel as though my arms have lost strength and definition I am in awe of what I use them for now.

After seeing this picture my mom made the comment,

“it’s pretty amazing what those arms are doing now.”

at CF games

I may not be Olympic lifting very much, I haven’t attempted more than two HSPU since the c-section, I’m not even doing kipping pull-ups again yet but I’m carrying around these angels every day and night.  I’m giving them a safe place to be and comforting snuggles; we move around as one (three in one) and bond through our adventures.

These arms may not being muscle ups right now but they are surrounding our family in love and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  


One response to “Strong Arms

  1. I so enjoyed this post. As you know, I have a thing for hands and probably for arms” as well.

    The lives we hold in our hands, the support we give others through our arms, our essential core strengths that contribute to the good and welfare of all the souls we care for in this life… The responsibility and call for strengths is demanding, awe inspiring…and just plan good.

    How wonderful it is that we can join hankds, link our arms, share our stengths, and move forward in life.

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