And then what?

“When writing your life story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” 

Often we make goals or make a change without thinking about the “what happens if…” usually it is because we want to be optimistic and positive that the goal will happen or the change will take hold.  But when faced with … ok… what happens if it doesn’t work – can you answer?

Being positive is key and the power of your thoughts and energy is so strong.  You have control over your actions and your outcomes BUT that is the key… you have power and control over YOU.  How you handle challenges; how you adapt; how you react… you do not have control over others.  You cannot change them and if your path depends on the actions of others I encourage you to have a “what if… and then what” plan. 

The best way to reach a goal is have all bases covered and all paths planned that way if something goes off course you can make the adjustments needed and continue moving forward. It’s too easy to let someone else’s actions dictate your course, goals and future.  Figure out your “and then what” and get to it!

TRUE Strength 




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