Raising daughters

On a scale of 1-10 of “Crazy Mom” I’d say I’m a solid 8… 8.5 (maybe 11.3 at times).  Most of my craziness comes late at night on very little sleep when I think something is wrong and the girls will NEVER sleep (or eat, or stop doing x.y.z EVER again).  I do have a flare for the dramatic, especially at 2:30 am.  

I don’t let myself get bent out of shape about germs, having the newest hot toy or piece of baby equipment and am pretty chill if the girls topple over or get a little scrape.

However, what I do go off the richter scale about is talk about and around the girls about their shape, size, and future.  I have a short fuse for langue about their body types… COME ON people… they are 7 months old!!  Their body type is … baby!  I know it is only natural to compare the two girls.  “Oh she is the chill on and she is the fiesty one.”  “She’s so much bigger than her sister.” “She’s your eater”  Enough!

I know with my background and constant challenging relationship with food and body this is a hot button for me. But in an effort to prevent any negative feelings from my girls to their own bodies I want to eliminate these comments and ways of thinking.  ALL of us are full of potential and possibility and opportunity.  I pledge to be a positive example of health, strength, and positive thoughts and actions.  

I recently read a beautiful and spot on post by  of hopeave.wordpress.com.  She discusses how to talk to your daughter about her body.  Her message is… DON’T.  Encourage her to play sports because it builds leadership and friendship, talk about how happy she looks and how healthy and strong she is, BE the positive and healthy example.  Please read her whole post here.

Sarah’s final words brought tears to my eyes.  They are true for our daughters and ourselves.  Please be kind to yourself and remember:

“… the best thing (you) can do with (your) body is to use it to mobilize (your) beautiful soul.”

TRUE Strength


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