My pant size?

I discovered an ugly truth about myself.  I was in a fitting room recently and person helping me said… oh no, that size is too big, you need to be in a size “XYZ”.  crumpled-jeans-floor-7197170

They’re paid to say that right?  Make you feel good?

At the same time a woman who was a little bigger than me went into the fitting room next to me and I thought about how I would have felt if I heard someone else say that to another person.  Would I have felt jealous?… probably… ok, yes, for sure I would have.

But how silly?

Just because my pant size was smaller doesn’t make me a better or worse person.  The smaller number on the tag doesn’t mean I am smarter or a nicer person to others.  In the same respect… because I am not as fit and toned now, after the babies, as I once was and am working hard to get back to, doesn’t mean my value or worth has reduced.

Working out and being fit is a part of me.  I enjoy the challenge and the hard work you must put in to get results.  I know I feel more comfortable in my own skin when I’m more toned than I am now but, I also know it isn’t a now or never thing.  It will take some time and action is needed but, it doesn’t make me a bad person.  I get embarrassed about needing to loose weight and tone up but why?

The ugly truth?  I realized in that small fitting room… I have been equating my value to my size and muscle definition.  In my head my value or worth was lessened because my body is not back to the shape and size I want yet.  It’s time to be a little nicer to ourselves and realize this is a journey.  A long road.  What matters is not my pant size, but the good I bring into the world.

What people will remember us by when we leave this world is  not our clothing size but what we did with our life.  

TRUE Strength