Desire to move forward

The ability to move forward is predicated on having the desire to move forward.

It seems like a common sense statement but I guess I’ve never really thought about it.  Seems like moving forward is just natural right?

This notion struck me as I watched my little girl work herself breathless trying to just crawl forward.  She got onto her belly, kicked her feet, flapped her arms around, then pushed up on her hands only to move backwards.  Next try she gets her knees under her… but then her head face-plants and she’s doing her version of downward dog.  She’s not giving up though.  She looks up and again starts kicking her legs like a wild woman.  What does she want?  She doesn’t want food and doesn’t even want a toy… she wants to MOVE.  She has mastered the backwards scoot… if you don’t pay attention she’s halfway down the hall in no time.  But she wants forward motion.  Next try she gets her knees under her and starts rocking back and forth.  We all want it so much for her… we try to  model crawling, the dog shows her, we’ve even manually moved her legs and arms.  BUT It has to come from within.  The desire is there and we know from that desire will come action.  

How often have you seen someone stuck?  Same boring job, poor health, bad habits… you often think – they could do so much with their life and time.  But no one can change them unless THEY have the desire.  

Now look inward... Maybe we all talk a big game… we want to be fit, loose weight, get a promotion, find someone special. Unfortunately, often we want the easy button to get there and we forget the process… we forget that sometimes we may even have to scoot backwards before we can go forward.  BUT as long as we keep fighting for that desire, it will become reality.

TRUE Strength