Lasting memories

When I was a very young girl… probably about four or five… my grandma accidentally slammed my fingers in the car door.  

My grandma was an older grandma… yes I know most grandparents are older but she was getting up there in age even for her fellow grandparents.  Her health was poor and her usual activity was sitting in the department store on the store bench as she gave my siblings and me money to go shop and run around.  She didn’t move anywhere quickly and often walked with a cane.

But on that day, all was different.  She MOVED!  Faster than I had ever seen her move and faster than I would ever see her move again.  She ran back into the restaurant we had just left to get ice, raced back to me to sooth the finger and comfort me.

I know she felt terrible and I know she carried guilt with her.

I share this story because I realized what I remember of that day is pretty amazing. Over 25 years later what do I remember?  I don’t remember the pain at all or being scared.  I remember my hero of a grandmother who put every ache and pain of her own aside to take care of me.  I remember a very POSITIVE memory.  It’s my strongest memory of her.

I found myself thinking about this one day as I was loading up the car with my girls.  As I clicked the car seats in I thought that I would do anything, anything in this world to keep them from pain.  And I was instantly taken back to that day.  I realized that each day we experience joys and pains and it’s easy to loose the forest from the trees and focus on that pain.  But in the big picture… at each moment of pain there is an opportunity for positive and that is what makes the memory last.

There is always an opportunity to turn it around.  Grab on and make some lasting memories. 

TRUE Strength