Moving mountains

You can’t move a mountain with a single shove, no matter how strong you are. Rather it takes moving stone by stone sometimes even pebble by pebble.image

A good friend reminded me of this as I shared with her the reality of my health and battle with the disorder. I love the visual as I think it applies to many challenges and struggles.

For my CrossFit friends think about your first day at the box… You didn’t walk in and knock out a sub 4 minute Fran and probably didn’t hit three muscle ups in a row. Little by little your form, strength and endurance improved and that once mountainous goal that once seemed so out of reach is now within reach or one that you’ve conquered.

As motivational as this visual is there is also a very tangible reality associated to it. Today I was reminded that while figuratively moving those stones and pebbles, sometimes one you’ve moved to the new spot (the healthy spot, the goal, the new achievement) can roll down and hit you in the head.

It can be frustrating, maddening and make you want to just throw it up and say f’ it. For me, during my battle with the disorder it causes that drill sergeant to fire up. The orders start barking – sounding off saying that I’m out of control, I need to restrict, need to revert or stop trusting the process and my “team” of counsellors.

The battle today is not necessarily to move any stones forward… It’s simply not to move any backwards. That alone will be the struggle.

Stay strong have TRUE Strength.

(More about what has caused the trigger to flare up soon after I can process a bit more.)

2 responses to “Moving mountains

  1. Obviously you have had a day of challenges. That is not necessarily a bad thing….yet it is painful, and I understand that.

    I so enjoyed visiting with you, Kevin, Baylor and Noly this pm! You daughters are joyous! and their joy in life is totally contagious.

    I suggest that you question whether or not mountains really need to be moved.

    Perhaps we need to accept mountains for what they are…Part of the geography…big, imposing, barriers….protection, defenses, difficulties, etc. etc

    . If we can accept them, perhaps we can work around them without the responsibility for moving a single pebble.

    Much love, mom

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