TRUE Strength

Welcome to TRUE Strength.  Writing this blog is a new adventure for me and I thank you for joining me in this exciting journey.  The title comes from my personal connection to the two powerful words TRUE Strength.

  • TRUE is symbolic to my commitment to my life with my husband and our family. we have the words TRUE inscribed on our wedding rings and I belief by committing to being TRUE to each other and ourselves as we grow as a family and married couple we grow stronger, closer, and more in love each day
  • Strength is a word of many meanings to me.  I see strength as something that is much more than physical strength… Strength of body, mind, heart spirit, and faith.

This blog will chronicle ups and downs as they relate to TRUE Strength… in every aspect. I hope you join me in sharing your stories and experiences as we can all provide TRUE Strength to each other.


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  6. Grammar. If you are going to have a blog, please pay attention more closely to your grammar. Mental agility is also an example of TRUE strength. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment. I apologize for my last post. You’re right it was not well written and I admit, I often write in a verbal tone, not necessarily a formal written format. I will be more aware of proper grammar in the future. Thank you.

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