The family at CrossFit New Albany help me reach new goals, raise the bar on my own expectations, and grow as a strong woman.

I’ve been CrossFitting now for over two years, as a sport for one year.  I am NOT a natural athlete.  I was a dancer and cheerleader growing up… and the kind of cheerleader who couldn’t tumble.  I jokingly say (but it’s true) I was on the squad because I had a loud voice.  Dancing… now that… give me a beat and I’ll drop it like it’s hot! I’m still waiting for the dance move CrossFit WOD!

CrossFit truly changed my life.  Sometime my history of health (or lack there of) before CrossFit will be shared but for now, we’ll leave it at… CF changed my life.  And not just CF the movements but the family at CrossFit New Albany. Through their leadership, patience, sometimes tough love, friendship, and love I am a better person and will be a better wife, mother, and friend to others. Being a part of this group has taught me Strong is Sexy… and strong in all aspects… again… TRUE Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit and faith.

From time to time I’ll post CrossFit WODs and why they stood out to me along the journey! For example, Tuesday, May 15th I did a home WOD I so lovingly named F*** HSPU (still bitter??)

  • It started with a 3 Mile run with my husband which was great for story telling time!
  • Then 3 rounds of 100 double unders, 10 toes to bar, and 5 perfect HSPUs… yes I even no repped myself on the HSPU when needed.

I’m invigorated with taking on weaknesses… not running from them!


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